Tanglewood Legacy Advisors in the Media

  • Texas Monthly
    • “2009 Houston Region Five Star Wealth Managers”
      September 2009
    • “2014 Houston Region Five Star Wealth Managers”
      September 2014
  • BloombergView
    • “Facebook IPO Seen Deepening Investor Distrust of Stocks”
      Elizabeth Ody & Margaret Collins, May 2012
  • Houston Business Journal
    • “How Safe Is Your 401(k)?”
      Mark Yost, April 2014
    • “How to Make a Graceful Exit from Your Family-Owned Business”
      Andrew Gardener, December 2013
    • “Debate over Hedge Fund Ads Hinges on Investor Smarts”
      Collin Eaton, August 2013
    • “Not Much Enthusiasm for This Bull Market – but That Could be Good”
      Collin Eaton, March 2013
    • “How to Choose the Right Senior Living Arrangement”
      Bayan Raji, November 2012
    • “Billionaires Energized by Houston”
      Collin Eaton, May 2012
    • “Houston Wealth, Law Experts Don’t Hold Back About Stanford”
      Collin Eaton, March 2012
    • “Art Market Outperformed S&P in 2011”
      Collin Eaton, January 2012
    • “How to Avoid a Financial Scam”
      Collin Eaton, January 2012
    • “Five Houston Wealth Managers Will Now Take Your Questions”
      Christine Hall, September 2011
  • Houston Chronicle
    • “Stock Plunge; Dow has biggest point loss in history”
      February 2018
    • “Dow Breaks 20k Barrier”
      Collin Eaton, January 2016
    • “No. 1 Draft Call: High Risk, High Reward or Stable Growth?”
      Randy Harvey, April 2014
    • “Wall Street Has Its Ups and Downs on Summer Job Data”
      Collin Eaton, September 2013
    • “Younger Generations May Be Poorer Than Parents”
      Dan McGraw, April 2013
    • “Why We Blame the Victims of Investment Fraud for Their Plight”
      Loren Steffy, December 2012
    • “NFL Referees Join Crowd in Losing Pensions”
      Loren Steffy, September 2012
    • “Why the Flat Tax Is Wrong”
      Loren Steffy, October 2011
    • “The Value of Doing Nothing in the Stock Market”
      Loren Steffy, August 2011
    • “You’re Getting a Raise – So Don’t Blow It”
      L.M. Sixel, January 2011
    • “Lack of Social Security Forces Seniors to Tighten Belts”
      Jeannie Kever, October 2010
    • “If it Rains, Tomorrow May Soak Texas Taxpayers”
      Loren Steffy, September 2009
    • “Tough Retirement Choices”
      Loren Steffy, November 2008
    • “Rescuing the Guilty to Save the Innocent”
      Loren Steffy, August 2007
    • “Greenspan Still Has Our Attention”
      Loren Steffy, March 2007
    • “We Can’t Stand the Thought that the Party Could End”
      Loren Steffy, March 2007
  • Wall Street Journal
    • “Yield Chase: Boost Income by Slashing Investment Costs”
      Jonathan Clements, February 2007
    • “How Much – Really – Is That Hedge Fund in the Window? You Don’t Want to Know”
      Jonathan Clements, July 2006
    • “Helping a Client’s Elderly Parents Make The Move”
      Alex Coppola, January 2015
  • Financial Planning Magazine
    • “Reinvention Time”
      Ray Sclafani, June 2008
  • Entrepreneur Magazine
    • “Time to Have a Financial Advisor”
      Karin Price Mueller, April 2010
    • “They’ll Never Forget: Entrepreneurs Changed By 9/11”
       Catherine Clifford, September 2013
  • Beaumont Business Journal
    • “What Comes Next? It’s Not Too Early to Consider What Happens to Your Business after You Move On
      James Shannon, April 2013
  • KUHT
    • Elevate Lecture Series with Susie Gharib
      August 2009, July 2010
  • KUHF
    • Bauer Business Focus Interview with Andrew Schneider
      December 2013
  • MainStreet
    • “Should You Let a Rookie Advisor Manage Your Money?”
  • U.S. Report & World News
    • “Are Target-Date Funds For You?”
  • Investor’s Business Daily
    • “The Debate Over Farming Out Financial Planning”
  • Other References
    • “Over The Top”
      Zig Ziglar, 1994
    • “The Biggest Estate Planning Mistakes People Make”
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