Creating confidence for families through wise counsel and advocacy

Successful families typically have several advisors. But how often do advisors meet together to discuss and plan their clients’ specific needs? Tanglewood Legacy Advisors serves as the Family CFO. We orchestrate a virtual boardroom, bringing advisors together to discuss and optimize our clients’ needs.

We work to construct clear pathways that help foster confidence and clarity in the lives of the families we serve. We coach, counsel, analyze, coordinate and advocate. We serve as your family’s enduring partner.

This is how we work

  • 1. We gain a global understanding.

    What are your goals? Your concerns? Do you want a secure and independent retirement? Do you want to fulfill a philanthropic dream? Establish a lasting legacy?

    What does your family need? Do your children know how to handle money? Does your spouse know where all the records are kept? Are your elderly parents becoming a financial and emotional burden?

    How do you define success now? Three years from now? Twenty years from now?

  • 2. We conduct a fundamental assessment.

    We gather and review all current data – statements, policies, planning documents, tax returns, and a list of your advisors. We examine your family’s financial structure, mechanics and dynamics.

    How do you define success now? Three years from now? Twenty years from now?

  • 3. We plan, coordinate, coach and monitor.

    We organize and prioritize your financial issues. We build balance sheets, map your accounts, vault documents, and consolidate data in our secure portal for your family’s private access.

    We coordinate and communicate with your advisors, and we educate your family. We also develop and implement strategies and techniques that aim to manage risks, maximize opportunities, and help sort out the significant matters that arise in a family’s lifecycle.