Brian Adler

Brian Adler,

Associate Financial Analyst

In 2021, Brian joined Tanglewood Legacy Advisors as he saw an opportunity to be a “hands-on” partner for his clients by leveraging his credit analysis and financial modeling skills to help entrepreneurs better achieve their goals in a more diverse and greater capacity.

Brian Adler was formerly the Assistant Vice President of the middle market and sponsor-backed lending team at Amegy Bank, one of the largest regional commercial banks in the United States. In this capacity Brian worked to extend credit to a range of commercial and industrial borrowers of varying sizes and capital structures, operating within diverse industries and markets. Often, the capital needs of his clients were too large to be satisfied entirely within one institution which required Brian to partner with other capital providers in the form of other banks via “club deals” and syndications as well as equity investors. Typically, credit extended was in the form of revolving lines and collateralized term loans through a portion of his portfolio included enterprise value notes that stemmed from prior equity transactions.

Brian holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from UT Austin’s McCombs School of Business and is actively working towards earning the Chartered Financial Analyst certification.