Our Philosophy

Who we are

We are Tanglewood Legacy Advisors, a wealth advisory firm that serves as your Family CFO,  seeking to provide you with strategic direction, implementation, and peace of mind for all your financial decisions.

What we do

As your Family CFO we strive to develop strategies that are focused on accomplishing your goals and wishes by identifying opportunities for growth and anticipating consequences of action and inaction so you can focus your attention on what is most important to you.

How we do it

We seek to accomplish this by using The Tanglewood Infinity Model , a unique five-stage process designed to drive meaningful impact on the lives and wealth of those we serve.


We are a boutique advisory firm that serves as a Family CFO for successful families and private business owners. We are problem solvers and thinking partners where money and life intersect, seeking to provide you with peace of mind about your future.

We strive to do this by utilizing our unique five-stage model that seeks to drive meaningful impact on the lives and wealth of those we serve, helping to allow them to focus their attention on the things that are most important to them.

The Tanglewood Infinity Model



The Stewardship Framework™

We know that being a good steward means focusing on your wishes, addressing your concerns, and providing insight into your potential vulnerabilities. This begins with getting to know you. We uncover what is most important to you, your vision for the future, and to gain alignment between family members.



The Infinity Map™

To understand your total financial health, we employ our exclusive Infinity Map™, where life and money intersect. We conduct a thorough discovery which enables us to address urgent issues immediately while uncovering opportunities and potential blind spots. We start to strategically prioritize the essential elements that will pave the way for the future you want for yourself and your family.



The Consolidated Blueprint™

We take your complex financial tapestry and bring it into sharper focus by consolidating all information in one easily accessible location. We coordinate with your other advisors to interrupt a siloed approach to all things financial. We turn unknowns into knowns, complexity to simplicity and worry to peace of mind.



The Informed Choices Path™

As thinking partners with our families, we co-create strategies and action plans to capture opportunities and mitigate threats to accomplishing your goals. You will feel confident in your knowledge of what your choices mean and can take action with clarity.



Your Peace of Mind Advocate™

At this stage in our model, we anticipate all the “What If’s”, systematically track progress against your goals and monitor your strategies, making adjustments as your life and personal economy change. You get to focus on what you do best and not worry that your wealth is being left unattended. We do the worrying on your behalf.

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